Conferences & Partnerships


CDMR gave its first conference in May 2019 in Geneva, with the new members of its advisory board: François Rousseau, director of the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, and Guillaume Pitron, award-winning journalist and author of “The Rare Metals War”. Together with CDMR co-founders Vincent Donnen and Grégoire Tézé, they presented the strategic themes associated with the current technological revolution, together with the unique opportunities in terms of performance and security presented by rare metals today.

In 2019, CDMR forged a parternship with the École des Mines de Nancy, a European leader in metallurgy and earth sciences. The objective of the partnership is better to understand and anticipate emerging tech applications on one hand, while monitoring and analysing rare metals supply constraints on the other.



In November 2019 at Mines Nancy, Vincent Donnen spoke at a panel discussion focused on our “rare metals era”, which brought together academic, industrial, financial and governmental experts. The debate aimed at elucidating not only the unique physical properties associated with our metals, but also the broader themes affecting humanity on a global scale.


In addition to giving regular lectures at the École des Mines de Nancy, Vincent Donnen has shared his expertise in rare metals at numerous external conferences.


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