CDMR is the advisor of the Rare Metals Cell, which is the only fund in the world to be entirely invested in physical rare metals.

The Rare Metals Cell is an actively managed Long-Only fund with a portfolio of 10-30 rare metals. It uses no leverage or financial products. In accordance with our Philosophy, the cell’s exclusive focus on tangible rare metals makes it a uniquely secure addition to any investor’s portfolio.

The Cell is regulated by the CSSF in Luxembourg. The metals are securely stored and insured, and investors can visit the storage warehouses at any moment to check the stocks.

The collateral manager of the Cell is AUM Asset Management.

AUM Asset Management Ltd. is an independent investment management company that provides investment and fund solutions, asset management and advisory services to institutional investor and family office clients around the world.

Investment Decision: Buy, Add, Reduce, Sell
  • Launch Date: April 11th, 2014
  • Managers: Vincent Donnen, Grégoire Tézé
  • Subscription: Monthly
  • Management Fees: 2% Class A, 1.5% Class B
  • Performance Fees: 20% Class A, 15% Class B
  • Gate: if redemptions > 20%
  • Redemption: Quarterly Class A, Bi-annually Class B
  • Notice period: 90 days Class A, 180 days Class B
  • Minimum Investment: 200’000 €
  • ISIN: LU1011483788 (Class A), LU1011483861 (Class B)
  • Bloomberg: SARAMEA LX (Class A)
  • Investment Manager: Swiss-Asia, Singapore
  • Advisor / Swiss Distributor: CDMR
  • Swiss Legal Rep: ARM Swiss Rep.
  • Swiss Paying Agent: Banque Heritage
  • Administrator: Halsey, Luxembourg
  • Custodian: ING, Luxembourg
  • Auditor: Ernst & Young, Lux.


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